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Bead Soup Swap & Create 2021

After a couple years sabbatical, its finally time for  Bead Soup Swap&Create Party again.

Hostess Lori drew our names and matched Divya N and I with each other.

 Divya N is a Multimedia Artist from southern India that works as an assistant Professor at a design college and is a narrative jeweler, quite the opposite of a seed beader, she almost exclusively works with beads the size of 8-10mm and even bigger. 

Not only does she make awesome jewellery, but she also teaches others how to do it.

Check out her page, she is an amazing artist, I love how she mixes stones, glasses and metals.

The following pictures show the wonderful BeadSoup she created just for meeee. (:

Ceramic,Glass Cutting, Lasercut, Beachglass, Lampwork, Bicones and Gemstones...

My comfortzone colorwise. I love beachglass. And the handmade lampwork is just a beauty.

 The challenge. Let's see what we can do with this...

How precious! Just had to do a close-up shot, couldn't help myself.

The heart is a veritable dream. Made by Lesley Watt

I already have somewhat of a vision for the heart, alas, I don't have all the materials yet. Im envisioning something of a steampunk embroidery theme.

I greatly enjoy handling and using materials that have travelled all over the world just to arrive in my little neck of the woods.


I started off with some earrings.

Indian Glass Beads from my soup bezeled with blue 11/0 and 15/0 rocailles. I added copper earrings. Done. This was a nice warm-up

I dont know for how long I have wanted to try beading around a thin metall frame. Aaand done:-)

They are very lightweight. I love the colors. Summer can come. I have used the bicones from the soup.

Those who know me, know that me and blues is like peanut butter and jelly, we just fit perfectly.

Earhooks with ceramic and faceted beads from the soup.

A quickie with my fav blue. A little break in between the necklaces.


 I still really enjoy crocheting. Simplistic, easy, 8 beads per round with 11/0 Tohos.  Put the beautiful Lampwork bead ( which I got from the soup) in the middle, put caps and a magnet clasp on each end and  we're off to the races.

I went back and forth between these two, CRAW and a little bit netting.

From the Beadsoup I used the grey faceted beads. From my stash I added gold river gems. Grey and duracoated metallic rocs in 11/0 and 15/0 and a tassel. No clasp needed.

 And last but not least a freeform bracelet. It should be great for one of my summerdresses.

Also a new technique for me is the freeform lengthwise. I learned that I prefer it crosswise, nevertheless I still enjoyed it. As a centerpiece I took the beachglass and used the clasp from the soup.

What follows are the creations I sent to her.

Swarovski rivoli bicones and crystals. Seafoam and fuchsia rocs.

The only reason I bought this postcard was to use the tiny bit in the center with the small small boat, but I knew it would be perfect for a pendant. This is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

Divya N thanks a lot for that great soup and the fun I had with all the stuff!

A big thank you to Lori and all the helping hands around her as well. It was a pleasure to be part of the swap.

Please also check out the other lovely contributors, the link can be found below.

alle Teilnehmer/PartnerList


 I'm going to check out my partners blog first thing. I'm sooo excited to see what she did with the BeadSoup.

Thanks for stopping by!

9 Kommentare:

  1. I am also a fan of blue. And pink. lol. Nice job on the swap. My patience runs thin when trying to beadweave, so kudos there. All lovely designs. Sparkle on!

  2. (I just tried to comment, but I think the internet ate it. I apologize if this pops up twice!)
    Your pieces are lovely! I am always so incredibly impressed by seed bead work, and everything you made is just so beautiful. Nicely done! :)

  3. I am amazed at the different ways in which you used the beads that I sent you. The crochet necklace with the Art bead and the inverted teardrop earrings are my favourite. I am glad that you had fun playing with the beads.

  4. Gracious! Everything you made is just glorious. I love the airy feel of the earrings with the wire frames.
    And, all of your necklaces are just sublime! So much detail and work. Beautiful!

  5. I was so excited to see your pieces because I love what you do with seed beads. These are beautiful! The wire frame earring are sooo pretty!

  6. I love the crochet necklace with the Art Bead. You make it sound so easy! It is beautiful.

  7. Love those colors so much! The bracelet in particular is amazing!

  8. Unglaublich, liebe Gite, Du zeigst mal wieder wie wunderbar vielseitig Du bist! Besser geht nicht!Liebe Grüße!
    Ja,ja,drei Ausrufezeichen hintereinander,aber ging nicht anders :0)



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